Dr. Kenneth Pettine (retired) was a brilliant surgeon. He was known for his contributions to the spinal stem cell therapy industry. In fact, many would argue that he is the pioneer behind it all. Kenneth Pettine hails from Johnstown, Colorado – a small town in Larimer County, CO with a population of just under 10,000 residents.

To his friends, colleagues, and family, Kenneth is known as a caring, humbly dedicated researcher who has committed his life to helping his patients feel better and make great decisions. In April of this year, Kenneth Pettine was accused with some serious allegations. The local media ripped him apart in publications before really understanding the full-story, or motives.

Since then, Kenneth has moved onto research where he is committed to providing honest information regarding mesenchymal stem cells. My promise is to always utilize language that is understandable, to maximize its usefulness to readers at

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