6 Ways to Create a Personable (Yet Professional) Website Design

No one likes working with cold and far-reaching corporations. The beauty of having small businesses (physical and online) is that consumers can relate and interact with the people behind them. Even if you eventually build up to a great, successful national business, making your website design personable, interactive and responsive will be more inviting to your viewers, which encourages more visitors. There are many ways to take a creative spin to your web design so that it makes a unique presence online. Some of these ways are listed below:

1. Colors are nice, but remember not to overuse them. When it comes to text, normally the easiest text to read would be black text on a white background. It’s difficult to get away with any other colors for texts without losing the professional touch. An edgier, chic design would be to have white text on a black background, since it’s still very easy to read for viewers. Creative colors usually are reserved for logo design, and you can certainly use those colors for thematic purposes throughout your website to create a recognizable atmosphere for your viewers every time they visit a new page within your website.

2. Viewers need to read your text. This may seem as though it’s very obvious, but try to control the urge to use fancy text models. Cursive text makes it so much harder to read for a viewer, and if she is the type to just screen through the website, she will not stay to read anything that isn’t quick. Your font could be serif or sans serif, as long as it makes it easy to recognize words. Although you shouldn’t pick ultra-fancy fonts, there are still many others to choose from that give your business a personal style and yet still present professionalism. Text and font size will also vary depending on responsive web design methods, which will deal more directly with how your website will look either on a desktop screen or on a handheld screen. Responsive web design is certainly a means to connect with many more viewers as well, and considering that many more people are connecting online through their handheld devices, it’s imperative that you adapt your website development to the hands-on devices.

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3. Use tabs and links to your advantage. Clutter isn’t flattering or professional looking at all. With most devices now utilizing touch screen methods, most people are now used to scrolling as they navigate through websites. Having too much information overflowing on your home page will not only overwhelm your audience, it will also drive them away. Having tabs and roll down menus is an efficient way to organize your clutter and makes it usable for viewers to get to where they need to go without having to swim through your clutter (most likely, they will choose not to if that’s the case).

4. Blogging is a way to reach out to the masses. An effective web design will normally have a blog section to directly reach out to the audience. It’s a great way for the consumers to be able to relate to you and hear your message. It gives a voice to the business, and in doing so, it makes it so that your business becomes more human. It encourages your consumers to want to work with you when they know they can hear your intentions and reply accordingly.

5. Don’t forget social media can do the same in a different way. Social media, more so than blogging, creates an environment for consumer interaction. It proves to be beneficial to great responsive web design, and it’s easy to apply to the website. Having links to your Facebook or Twitter profiles help keep your viewers close, as many will often use them to reach out to you. It’s also easy to manage social media websites. Once you have the HTML coding to provide links to your profiles on your website, then you’re set.

6. Seek out the experts. A reliable ad agency will listen to you and present your design effectively. Sometimes, you need the opinion and advice from the experts when trying to create any project of professional caliber. If the way your haircut looks is so important, why not the face of your online business? Trying to make everything look good on your website can be taxing, especially when you’re dealing with coding. Using a web development agency will be a good investment.

Website development is tedious, but necessary to keep up in the global market. Keep these tips in mind, and you will generate a website that will do good for your business.

Bring your Imagination to Web Design

Are you a business owner? Whether you are running a business or simply trying to develop your first website, there is a lot you should know.  There are a great many goals that can be achieved through a properly developed website.  Do you want to draw more customers to your business? Your website’s design can impact the number of people who discover your business online.  Are you a writer looking to publish your work in a public forum? Utilizing a website can help you get your name out there whether you are a writer, a painter, or any kind of artist-entrepreneur. For any business, promotion and marketing is a key component of your success.  By taking the time to learn about responsive websites and proper website development, you can improve your chances for online success.

For many, this may be your first foray into web design.  There is a lot of information for you to peruse and absorb! You will want to make sure you become familiar with responsive web design.  A responsively designed website will display properly on any device.  This is a critical part of a properly functioning website.  Your website needs to be able to respond to the needs of different devices so consumers can access it from anywhere.  Whether it is a tablet, a mobile device, a laptop or a desktop, your website must be designed and developed to work with them all.  This will make it easier for people to find and utilize your website.  The more people who can find your website, the better chances you have of achieving your online marketing goals.

When you are working on your website’s design, making a responsive website is not the only goal.  You want your website to accurately reflect your business or personal goals.  To do that, you will have to use your imagination.  A good responsive web design is also a creative web design.  Make your users want to explore your site by offering them a fun & easy-to-navigate website with a focus on offering a great user experience.  If you are not sure of how to begin, here is a tip: look at websites that are from the same industry or field as yours will be.  Find websites that exemplify what you like about a website, and seek to employ those qualities in your own site.  If you are a business owner who is creating a website to promote yourself online, you can even go a step further by analyzing your competitor’s websites for ideas.

By utilizing other websites to stimulate your creative side, you can really start to brainstorm some great ideas for your own website.  However, do not be limited by what you see on other sites.  If you are working with a skilled responsive web design and development agency, they will have the ability to bring a great deal of functionality and fun to your website.  A great website does not happen overnight.  It is a carefully thought out and researched process.  What are some of the qualities of a great website that you will want to be sure you employ? That’s a great question to ask.

First, you will want to remember to keep everything simple.  A great website does not overload visitors with complex navigational schemes, difficult menus and poorly structured content.  Instead, a great website is concise, clear and direct.  Visitors are not given the chance to be confused about the intention of a good website.  When you visit an e-commerce website, you know it is an online storefront.  When you visit a blog, it is clear you are there to share content.  When you are visiting social media websites, you can meet other online users and make social connections. By designing a responsive website with clean navigation and a focused user experience, you will significantly increase your opportunity for traffic from new visitors to your website. A successful website needs to consistently attract new visitors in order to sustain itself.

Make sure that you stay open-minded to the chance for something unique and fun for your website.  Do not be afraid to explore new design ideas and functionality.  Keeping your website updated with fresh content is another important thing that some people overlook.  There are so many areas that your creativity can be applied when you are designing a responsive website that represents your business or your personal endeavors.  When you let your imagination guide you to a fresh and fun idea, it can potentially revolutionize your business.  At the least, it can help you create an excellent website that represents you well.