Our homes are our most valuable assets but disaster can strike our beloved houses and other buildings at any time. When disaster strikes you want to get back on your feet as quickly as possible and you’ll need a disaster restoration company to help get you there. Let’s review three reasons you need a disaster restoration company to help get you back to normalcy with ServPro.

Reasons You Need a Disaster Restoration Company


Fire and accompanying smoke damage can mess up a portion of your home but many homes that catch fire are salvageable with a disaster restoration company. A disaster restoration team can help remove any smoke or fire damaged items, clean up ash, coal, and any debris from the fire, and remediate any paint, drywall, and other damaged items as necessary so you can move back in right away.


A powerful storm with accompanying wind can do a number of your property but a reputable damage restoration crew can help turn your home around. They can take out any wind or water damaged items, help repair compromised portions of the home, and can go as far into your home as necessary to get to damaged structures, subflooring, and more.

Flood and Mold

If your home is flooded it’s not always the water that does the damage but the potential it leaves for mold once its receded. Any disaster restoration service you hire for flood damage must also be experts at mold remediation. This includes cleaning out all portions of the home that have the potential to grow mold and replacing them with dry, treated materials. Disaster restoration companies can also treat structures with detergents and washes to prevent mold from growing, leaving your home safe to go back into.

If your home has been compromised, you need a disaster restoration company to help get you back in as quickly as possible. Disaster restoration services specialize in fixing fire damage, storm damage, and issues resulting from floods like mold. Choosing the best disaster restoration company is critical to getting back in your home and reducing stress levels so hire a company with a great reputation and proven track record of success. A disaster is a tough time on any family, but a great restoration company can make things more manageable.