Tom Martino has to be one of the most controversial names in the media, at least, in Colorado. He’s known for his brutally honest approach to humiliating bad business practices on his popular ‘The Troubleshooter” radio program that airs Mon-Fri from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on 630KHOW.

If you’ve followed the news, Tom Martino was accused of domestic violence (which was later dismissed) as well as become a victim of the real estate fall of 2008 which later led to him filing bankruptcy. Soon after, Tom Martino quickly rebuilt his empire and jumped right back onto the air helping consumers fight corrupt business practices. His once indestructible empire was quickly rebuilt.

Fast forward to 2017 – Tom Martino is on track to become one of the most notable consumer advocates in the United States. His program claims to have saved hundreds of millions of dollars in cash, merchandise, and refunds which we don’t doubt one bit.

But today, still there are Tom Martino ‘haters.’ Some who read too far into ‘news’ like Westword who appear to deliberately attack Martino, and have done so for many years. Yet, Tom still pushes forward and is still helping consumers fight back. Some businesses, especially those who have been busted by Martino bad mouth him but there’s no denying he’s done tremendous things for consumers, regardless of what side of the field you’re playing on.


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