A History of Orthodontists

In the United States, there are a lot of people and procedures that we take for granted, because we can’t possibly imagine a time, or a life, where we don’t have access to all of these people with the best and brightest employees and with the latest and greatest technologies.  However, just because we’ve been blessed and lucky enough to always have access to all these things and all these advances, doesn’t mean that it’s always been the case.

As far as orthodontistry goes, it’s a relatively old branch of dentistry.  Most people know them as the people who give you braces and talking about the alignment of your teeth (or, rather, the malocclusions you may be experiencing.  Malocclusion is basically the ten-dollar way of saying ‘your teeth are crooked’, so now you know in case you ever wind up on Jeopardy), and for little else.

This is a fairly accurate assessment.  The main job of an orthodontist practicing board-certified orthodontistry is to work on the malocclusions that occur, naturally or otherwise, in the mouth.  For the most part, that means diagnosing the cause, and then treating it with things like standard metal braces.  In extreme cases, this may mean that they will serve to make referrals to places that will provide the patient with dental surgery in order to remove a tooth in order to prevent future overcrowding and misalignment issues, but for the most part, this means that they’re going to be poking around your teeth, taking x-rays and bite impressions, and using computer modeling software in order to determine the best way to fix the ill-aligned teeth in your mouth.  This wasn’t always the case, however, as these modern tools are a recent invention; even braces, which most people think is an old idea, are fairly modern, having come around in the last fifty years, although they’ve been explosive in their popularity.

braces for kidsIt’s extremely hard to pinpoint when, exactly, the idea to manipulate the teeth came into currency.  It’s obvious to anyone with an understanding of basic sociology that it likely came after we’d left, as a species, the ‘hunter gatherer’ phase of evolution, and likely after the ‘agriculture’ phase was left as well, because under those two lifestyles, there simply was no extra time to be had for additional pursuits that weren’t dedicated entirely to ensuring you had food to eat so you could stay alive.  However, the first recorded evidence of discussion of the ideas of orthodontistry (or what we would later call orthodontistry, anyway), come from the age of the great philosophers, people like Aristotle, who we still quote today when we’re trying to sound wise.  In his time, there were recordings of people talking about the idea of manipulating the alignment of the teeth in order to improve the smile, and of the benefits and risks of such.  However, no evidence has emerged that they ever attempted to do more than talk about these things.

A few decades later you could find the first evidence of attempts to actually put those ideas into practice, even in a crude form with questionable effectiveness; not in Europe, but in Egypt, back when it was one of the great bastions of scientific discovery (at the same time they were worshiping the sun.  Crazy contradictions, right?).  There’s been evidence found in the mouths of the deceased and mummified of an attempt to fix the misaligned teeth, as well as preserving the teeth as the body decomposed around them.  Most of these dental appliances were crudely made, using archaic mixtures (archaic, anyway, when compared with today’s discreet cosmetic braces for adults, for example) of gold and other metals along with a substance called catgut (yes, it’s what sounds like, be glad you didn’t need braces in the days of the Pharaohs), and there’s not much likelihood they did a great job realigning the teeth, but they probably kept them from moving any further out of alignment, and they likely did a fantastic job of preserving the overall shape of the mouth while the body was decomposing. It’s been theorized that this was the actual reason for the implementation of such orthodontic appliances, the need to keep the mouth and teeth in one piece prior to arrival in the afterlife.

From these origins, the idea of modern orthodontistry came, leading to the treatments we enjoy today.  From that original Egyptian headgear came headgear, followed by braces, followed by Invisalign, and the march toward better adult orthodontics technology continues, unabated.  So, next time you think of misaligned teeth and need to know where to turn, turn to the people who’ve been working on the idea for two and a half millenia.

5 Ways A PR Firm Can Help Your Business

If you want to survive, as a business, you’re going to need to find a way to get the word out about the goods and services that you have to offer, as well as getting the word out about your very existence.  Nobody is going to stop in to a shop that they’ve never heard of, and you can’t rely on the few brave souls who would to keep your business afloat.  You need to get the word out there that you exist, you’re in competition, and that you can offer a better product, at a better price, with better expertise.

Social media marketingLarger businesses have entire divisions that are dedicated to the idea of spreading the word that they have various goods and services to sell, and these are businesses that have been in existence for years, decades, in some cases, even for a century or more.  Companies with names that have very high name recognition are still competing with businesses just like yours for the very same customers, except they have multi-million dollar buildings filled with people managing their public relations and ad campaigns, while you have just yourself and your employees.  The answer, then, is to hire your own Public Relations firm guru, but rather than putting them on payroll, hire an independent outside firm to a contract.  There are many advantages to this kind of relationship.

1.  They can help you weather a scandal

This is the most common thing that comes to mind when people hear the phrase ‘public relations’.  People think about an individual, someone wealthy and powerful, getting busted drinking while driving or worse, then they put up that obligatory press conference, apologize, and go to a rehab resort.  The same things happen to businesses.  You make a mistake, maybe you buy something made with underage factory laborers or the like, and then you have to make up for it.  You’re rehabbing your image, apologizing, and setting out to do something to show that you are genuinely apologetic (even when you aren’t).  A pr firm can definitely help with this.

2.  They can help manage your business’s social media accounts

In the world today, social media is king.  It’s how people keep in contact across the country and world, it’s how people feel connected, even when they aren’t, and for some, it’s how they stay up to date on the newest products and services being offered by their favorite companies.  Because of this, a pr firm will be able to offer you social media management services, in order to ensure you’re using your social media accounts to reach the consumer as best as possible.

3.  They can help you craft ad campaigns

Creating an ad campaign is important, especially when you’re in competition with others who are doing the exact same thing.  You need to be able to get the message out there about how you’re offering better products at better prices, with better expertise in your particular market to back up said product.  An ad campaign can help you do this, and your PR agency can you help to craft the campaign, as well as helping to make sure it’s targeted at the people who are likely to actually have an interest in what you’re selling.

4.  They can help you buy ad space at better prices

If you’re a small business, you’re not going to have a large budget for purchasing things like ad space.  You’re also not going to be able to purchase very much of it, and you probably won’t be making regular purchases.  In other word,s all of the things that normally improve your ability to haggle, you lack.  But your pr firm, which is representing more businesses than just your own, will have plenty of money to make purchases, and will be buying for a group of businesses, not just one, meaning they will have standing to haggle, which means a better price for you.

5.  They can help you craft a corporate image

People like to buy things that they think are made by, or sold by, people with a corporate motto or image that they like.  You see it all the time in stores that sell entirely ‘made in America’ products, or in companies that craft an image around the kind of people they like to say use their product.  And this advertised image is attractive to people making purchase.  A pr firm will help you to position yourself in a way that suggests your products are used by people who are what everyone wants to be, creative, athletic, whatever the case may be.

So, if you’re looking to expand, contact your local public relations firm and see what they can do to help.  You won’t regret it.

Orthodontists And You; Three Reasons To Ask About Invisalign

More and more, around the world, the ability to realign teeth is becoming more and more accessible to the average person.  I was in Thailand a few months ago, and I saw a surprising number of offices of orthodontistry open, and they were all doing a brisk business.  Even more peculiar, they were all touting that their orthodontists had been certified by states in the United States of America, which should be comforting to anyone who needs to get treatment here in the states, because apparently we’re the gold standard on the international market for skill and certification when it comes to the work of realigning teeth more optimally.  Go USA!

It’s no surprise that we would be so adept at this kind of treatment; we use it a lot, as a country.  It’s been suggested, in fact, by recent studies, that one out of every three people in the country will be, at some point in their lives, receiving some sort of treatment for the various forms of malocclusion they may be experiencing.

For some people, this treatment will be extreme and drastic.  Overcrowding is a fairly common issue; it’s the same reason, in fact, that so many people have their wisdom teeth removed.  Having too many teeth occupying too much space in the mouth causes all sorts of misalignment issues, and for some people, can even be extremely painful.  If you’re dealing with this sort of pain, or with these kind of alignment issues, the best way to treat them is to have the tooth in question removed.  But as I said, this is the extreme worst case scenario, not something that happens commonly.

Most commonly, people end up getting braces.  Standard metal braces are, in fact, the most common method of treating malocclusions in the United States.  However, just because they’re the most common, and because they seem to have a stranglehold on the market, doesn’t make them the best way to go.

The best, most modern treatment, is Invisalign, invisible braces.  Here’s just three reasons you should at least ask about it before going with standard metal braces.

1.  Discretion

corrective teeth braces for adultsA big issue that a lot of people have with standard metal braces is that they are so very conspicuous by very nature of their design.  These braces are made with metal.  A lot of metal, in fact.  So much metal that it’s almost the entirety of their design; the brackets are made of metal, affixed to the teeth with the use of a long-term dental adhesive, over the top of which is run a long metal wire.  That’s a lot of metal to put on top of milky white teeth.

On the other hand, Invisalign hidden braces for teens are, as the name would lead one to believe, invisible, or as close to invisible as one could conceivably get without losing the product all the time.  They’re made of a hard plastic that is thin and see-through, allowing people to see the natural color of your teeth without being able to discern the aligners on top of them.

2.  Ease of Use

Another big problem that people tend to have with standard braces is the way that they’re all so bulky in their current design. Again, they’re brackets mounted on the teeth with adhesive, and that means they’re putting a series of brackets between you and your ability to, for an easy example, brush or floss your teeth.  This adds hassle to your life.

Invisalign aligners aren’t affixed to the teeth with anything, on the other hand, but their natural shape and the pressures they apply,.  You can wear them without any hassle, and remove them just as easily for things like brushing and flossing or eating, and then pop them right back onto your teeth.

3.  Comfort

A big complaint with most dental treatments is that they aren’t comfortable.  Your mouth is a very sensitive part of your body (which becomes all the more obvious any time you get a cavity); it doesn’t like having foreign matter in it for a long amount of time.  Those brackets I’ve been talking about, they sit in your mouth, they protrude into the soft flesh of your lip, and they can cause sores via friction and other issues.

Invisalign aligners, on the other hand, are form-fitted to your particular teeth, meaning they won’t be rubbing against anything in your mouth or causing any unnecessary discomfort.

So, consider Invisalign for your teeth alignment needs.  It’s discreet, easy to use, comfortable, and it is probably right for you!

3 Common Treatments Employed by Your Modern Orthodontist to Align Your Teeth

Orthodontistry is commonly referred to as the oldest dental specialty, and history proves this to be right.  There’s been discussion about realigning teeth for millenia, and there’s no difficulty in understanding why.  As a species, humans have always put a lot of emphasis on the teeth.

We don’t simply need teeth in good shape so that we can consume food for a long time, sustaining ourselves so that we can live a longer and better life.  We also need our teeth in good shape so that we can present ourselves with our facial expressions.  Most important among these, especially today, is the smile.

A smile has a thousand uses in today’s world.  You use it to show thanks, to show humility, to show love, to show happiness, to show humor, to show mirth, to show that you’re glad, to show affection, the list could go on and on forever.  The point is, we place a lot of import on the smile, and because of this, we do our best to be sure it’s in a presentable condition so we’re not ashamed or abashed of showing it to the world.  This is why we spend so much time and money in treating it and taking care of it.

In choosing how to treat the misalignment of the teeth, then, there are many things that your local professional orthodontist will consider.  First, and foremost, they’ll consider the diagnosis, the particular issue that you’ve got with your teeth.  They’ll determine what method is the best for treating your particular misalignment issue, and then they’ll employ that method.

However, sometimes the right method won’t involve realignment at all, or will have a step before realignment.  In some cases, you may have an overcrowding issue, and that overcrowding may be causing the misalignment of your teeth and causing it to get worse the more time goes on.  If this is the case, the treatment may include the removal of teeth via surgery, in order to allow other teeth the space they need.  It’s no different, really, than having a wisdom tooth removed, just in some cases, you may need to have a tooth removed that isn’t so widely considered ‘expendable’.

The three other major treatment methods, then, are as follows.

1.  Orthodontic headgear

quality adult orthodonticsOrthodontic headgear is, for the most part, a dead technology.  It’s not something that we tend to employ any longer, except when we actually need to, because there are a few kinds of pressure that can only be applied with an extra base for exertion of said pressure.  Mostly, orthodontic headgear is employed in situations where the teeth need to not only be realigned, but also to be pulled forward, toward the lips, due to some natural or habitual happenstance that has caused them to fold in.  If this isn’t a problem you face, you’re not likely to need orthodontic headgear.

2.  Standard braces

Standard braces are used to treat the vast majority of misalignment issues that occur with the teeth, and are basically the ‘go-to’ method of treating the vast majority of problems.  Because of this, they’re almost a knee-jerk reaction when you have misaligned teeth.  They consist of a series of brackets, mounted to the teeth with the use of an appropriate long-term dental adhesive.  Over the top of these brackets is run a long metal wire, which is hooked or wrapped around the brackets so that it can provide the appropriate tensions and pressure to ensure that the teeth are manipulated in the correct directions.  If you get standard braces, you will need to go and have them readjusted periodically throughout the process, but this isn’t a time-consuming process, just a minor inconvenience.

3.  Invisalign

Invisalign hidden braces for teens and adults are as effective as braces, but they are also a lot more discreet.  Instead of metal brackets, they’re basically a set of hard plastic pieces that slide on over your teeth, and slowly, over the course of time, they will realign those teeth to a more appropriate alignment than what you currently have.  They allow the natural color of the teeth to shine through, meaning that they are almost invisible to the naked eye, which is a great feature for people worried about being judged for daring to fix their improperly aligned teeth.

So, if you’re looking to improve your teeth, call your local professional orthodontist and see what they can offer you as far as treatment plans.  You’ll be glad you did when you have a beautiful smile you can share with the world.

Three Reasons A Modular Growing Room Is Best For Your Business

Legal marijuana consumption is on the rise in the United States, and it isn’t hard to understand why; we’ve already begun the process of legalization.  In a handful of cities, and one particularly lucky state, you can, right now, with a handful of dollar bills and a government issued photo identification card, purchase marijuana for your own private use, recreational use, at that, and take it home and have a good long toke.

Of course, we’re not just satisfied, as a society, to have marijuana legalized in a few places.  The trend in our culture has been towards the legalization of marijuana for quite some time now.  Look at the surveys of use that have been performed recently; it’s said that as many as ninety-three percent of respondents in a survey had used marijuana recreationally within the six months prior to the survey, and of those, some seventy-three percent had used it recreationally within the last month (herein defined as thirty days.

Some places have made the leap to decriminalization of marijuana, which, while not as good a deal as legalization, at least keeps people out of trouble.  With decriminalization, you find that you’re going to be able to carry a certain amount of marijuana on your person and, so long as you don’t have enough to be considered a dealer, if you’re arrested by the cops and frisked and your stash is found, you’re not going to have to worry about being punished with anything but the confiscation of your marijuana, which, thought it may be a hindrance, isn’t the end of the world, and is much preferable to massive fines or jail time for having enough weed on your person to have a fun day.

grow room builderWith legalization, though, comes widespread and legal access.  Legalization in Colorado means that there are dispensaries now where you can go, take your state-issued ID card (and for now, it needs to be state issued in Colorado, because you can’t be taking the marijuana out-of-state; the minute it crosses the state line, it becomes a federal crime, and you don’t want to be committing any of those), and purchase as much as you care to smoke (within reason, obviously).  With this improvement in access to legal marijuana has come an increase in the need for growth of legal marijuana, and that means a growth in the need for a growing room for various businesses.  The new big thing when it comes to design of a growing room is the modular design, and here’s three great reasons to go with the modular flow, so to speak.

1.  They’re easy to buy at the capacity that you actually need

A great thing about modular designs is that when you got to buy one, you’re able to scale it up or down as much as you need for the business that you’re running. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to small businesses, and that means that you’re going to be needing a different capacity than those who are in competition with you.  Because of this, a modular marijuana grow room is a great choice for a business just starting out.

2.  They’re easy to expand when you need to

So, you’ve bought your capacity that you need when it comes to your custom marijuana grow room, but that was some time ago now, and your business has, as all businesses should, continued to grow.  With this, you’ve grown big enough that you are selling more and more to more and more people, and this means that at this point, you’re going to need to add on.

Luckily, the modular nature of your grow room makes it easy for you to expand when needed with very little effort. Because of this, you are able to easily grow to meet your growing demand.

3.  They’re easy to install and easy to remove

It’s important that what you’re purchasing is easy to install, because otherwise, you’re going to have to spend a lot of time and effort in installation (or, even worse, you may have to spend the money to hire someone to help you install your gear).  The easier it is to install, the more quickly you’ll be able to put it to use.

So, if you’re running a small legal and completely licensed grow operation, consider buying a modular grow system in order to help you meet your goals of profit.  You’ll be glad you did when the money is growing as your ability to grow grows too.

Five Phases Where Product Development Agencies Can Help You

When it comes to running a business, you’re either going to be doing your best to stay moving at all times, or you’re going to die.  In this way, a business is a lot like a shark; you either keep moving, or you begin to decay, until the point that your business folds into bankruptcy and you, the business owner, find yourself with ruined credit for the next decade of your life, assuming you recover at all (and many people don’t, so don’t for a minute assume that you won’t be one of them).

You need to always be researching and developing new products to release to the market.  Researching and creating a product, for many small companies, is the easy part; it’s something you already know how to do, obviously, or you wouldn’t exist today, but that’s only half the battle.  The other half is development.

When it comes to development, a lot of small businesses just don’t have the experience on hand and on payroll to develop their products as well as they need to.  This is a big deal, because having a planned out marketing strategy is important, and without one, you’re much more likely to find yourself losing money on the new product that you’ve brought to market, which can mean the end of your business. Where then, can one turn to find this experience?  Why, product development agencies, of course.  Here is a short list of how they’ll help you at all five stages of the process of product development.

1.  Inception

At the inception phase, you’re still fleshing out your idea, or trying to find one to start with. This is the stage where you’re going to be doing things entirely conceptually, and very little actual building of products will be taking place.

Meanwhile, if you’ve taken my advice and hired one of the many product development agencies that are available to you, they’ll be getting to know you and your business and learning what you expect, as well as setting up deadlines for their support of your product that will line up with your own internal deadlines.

2.  Creation

Here’s where you’re going to be beginning to build some models and prototypes of your product.  Don’t worry if you’re not happy with your first few attempts, you’ll get it eventually, and that’s the point of this phase, to keep trying things till you find a design that works just right.

Meanwhile, your product development agency will be hard at work creating as well, except they’ll be creating things a lot less tangible.  Things like a marketing strategy, which will be coupled with a series of advertising campaigns designed to influence the people into buying your product. They’ll also be creating the logo for your product, which is going to be very important, as well as being something that I find very cool, having the iconic image for your product be designed for you.

3.  Construction

Here’s the step where you’re going to be having your product built.  Depending on your production capabilities, it may be being built at your location, or it may be being built elsewhere.  Either way, it’ll be being built to your specs, and to your orders, and will, hopefully, be something you’re proud to put out in the market.

choosing the right product development agencyIf you’ve done the work of selecting a product development firm, they’ll also be hard at work, except they’ll be constructing your website, so people have somewhere to go to see your offerings to the market as well as to connect with your company, and to order your product direct.

4.  Execution

This is the day you’ve long waited for; launch day!  Your product rolls off the line, onto the trucks or internet or wherever, and into the hands of the end-users.  Hopefully, it does well, and performs as expected, because if not, you’re going to have a huge problem on your hand.

Meanwhile, your website is being launched by your comrades in product development.  Your marketing strategy is being put into play, and your advertisements are being put into circulation so that your product will spread, and word of it will spread, quickly as possible, making sure you get the most return on your investment as quick as you possibly can, allowing you to start another round of research and development.

5.  Evolution

You’re not done yet, though.  Now you have to keep up your website, keeping it up to date with the goings on at your business, as well as making sure that your product changes as the market does.  This work doesn’t end until your product stops being offered on the market.

So, if you need someone to help you lighten this fairly immense workload, consider a product development agency.  They exist to help you, and that’s how they make their money.


Three Things CPA Firms Can Do For You

In the United States, recent research has suggested that less than half of the people in the country have more than ten thousand dollars in savings (and for the purposes of that research, they defined ‘savings’ as anything in a savings account or retirement account(s), including portfolios and investment accounts aimed at retirement savings).  This is a shocking thing, to say the least, especially when you consider that the median wage in the United States is sixteen dollars and some odd cents per hour of labor.  Obviously, as a country, we have some issues with the way that we manage our money.

And this isn’t to say, for a minute, that everyone who doesn’t have a savings account doesn’t save their money as best as they possibly can.  But when you consider that one-third of ‘top earners’ (those who reach into the top income tax bracket) fall into that category of having no savings to speak of (less than ten thousand in savings and retirement accounts, total), you have a very worrying trend of people not spending their money wisely, and people not saving anything at all, it would seem.

accounting advisorsSo, what can be done to fix this?  For many people, it’ll require professional help, the help of local CPA firms, in order to make the tough financial decisions that will pay off down the line.  Here’s just three ways in which they’ll help.

1.  Paying off debt as soon as possible

One of the big things that are holding a lot of people, especially people in my generation, back from fiscal stability are the loans we’ve undertaken.  For the most part, this debt, and these loans, came about while we were getting degrees at college. Depending on which college you went to, you may be near a hundred thousand dollars in debt just for an undergraduate degree, to say nothing of the debt that people go in to get law degrees and medical degrees.

Then there’s all manner of debt that people take on just because they want things now.  It’s common to buy houses and cars this way, and one can make a utilitarian argument that purchasing either of those on a payment plan (taking on debt that you’ll have to pay interest on) is an acceptable idea, if not a good one.  However, there are a lot of other things that we purchase on credit, and if you think that you need to purchase something like a television or a couch on credit now, rather than saving up your money for purchasing it outright later, and at a better price, than you’re kidding yourself.

A firm offering accounting services can help you to identify debts that you need to pay off now, and to move as swiftly as possible to do so.  One of the ways they will help you find the funds to do so is by…

2.  Trimming the fat from your monthly and weekly budget

It’s a really hard thing to do, to take a look at your monthly budget, at how you’ve become accustomed to live, and to cut things from said budget.  It’s a very difficult thing to do for anyone, which is why sometimes, you may need to hire an accounting firm to help you take an honest look at the way you spend your money and see where the spending is frivolous.  However, trimming the fat is the best way to find the money you need to swiftly pay off the debts you’ve accrued, and it’s also a very important thing for meeting financial goals of ownership that you may have.

3.  Helping set and attain financial goals

Everybody wants something.  Some of these things, you can’t put a price on, some of these things have a very definitive dollar amount attached to them.  For the things with a dollar amount that can be attached, you need to save up to meet that amount if you want them.  Maybe that thing is a new guitar, maybe that thing is a hot tub for your home, maybe what you want is a lovely vacation or a cruise (and I have some great recommendations for both, by the by), but no matter what it is, you’re better served saving up for it then purchasing it on credit.  Setting a savings goal can help you to get these things for yourself.

So, if you’re looking to better your financial state, consider the ways in which an accounting firm can assist you, and if you need their help, don’t be afraid to attain it.  You’ll be glad you did when you’ve achieved fiscal stability, and doubly glad when you don’t have to work through what should be your retirement.


Three Reasons to Consider Invisalign

In the United States, recent estimates suggest that one in every three individuals will, at some point in their lives, need, and actually go out and get, some form of treatment for the alignment, or lack thereof, of their teeth.  That means that, statistically speaking, if you have three kids, one of them is going to need braces (as experienced kids dentists will confirm) or something more extreme (like surgery to solve an issue with overcrowding, for an easy example), most likely during their teen years, in order to correct an issue with the alignment of their teeth.  Thankfully, at no point in history have we been better equipped to fix an alignment issue with the teeth than we are now.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly at what point the idea to realign teeth came into being, but the first recorded discussions and musing on the topic come from the age of Aristotle.  At the time, they were simply talking about ways in which to improve the alignment of teeth, with no sign that they actually attempted to do so, which is probably for the best, as some of the ideas they came up with, were, well, insane.  However, a few decades later, they began putting, into the mouths of the deceased and soon to be so, various devices that were meant to keep the teeth straight in death, as well as ensuring that the jaw didn’t collapse in death.  These were found in places like Egypt and in other cultures that appear to have mummified their dead, and it has been hypothesized that this was done to ensure that, upon the resurrection in the afterlife, the deceased would have a working moth with which to converse with the various Gods and with which they could eat and drink with the same.  These devices were made with archaic alloys of gold mixed with various other minerals (some of which aren’t even in use anymore today) and with a stand-in for elastic that was known as ‘catgut’, which is exactly what it sounds like.  Thankfully, today, due to breakthroughs in technology over the last two and a half millenia, we don’t have to use the intestines of cats in our various dental and orthodontic treatments.  Instead, we use hard plastics that are invisible when placed in the mouth, which has led to the creation of Invisalign.

There are a few reasons that Invisalign maintains superiority over its competition, and they are as follows.

1.  Cost

quality dental careFor most people, cost is important.  People these days are worried about their money, and rightly so, as the economy is still sluggish and good work remains hard to find and hard to get.  Because of this, people are concerned about the cost of everything, especially when it comes to things that are cosmetic medical procedures.

Luckily, there’s no reason for fear here.  Invisalign invisible aligners, and the visit to an experienced cosmetic dentist in order to have them sized and to have a treatment plan drawn up, are cost comparable to standard braces.  In general, the price difference is about five hundred dollars American, although the price will be subject to change based on where you live.  The point is, you’ll find yourself only paying a bit more than you would, and getting a lot more for your money than you would with standard metal braces.

2.  Ease of use

Standard metal braces are hard to clean around, and there’s no argument there.  Over the long-term, you’re going to get the debris of food caught in there, and, in general, the braces are going to make your standard dental health regimen harder to keep up.  That’s not to say it can’t be done, just to say that it will be harder and more time-consuming.

On the other hand, you won’t have the same problem with Invisalign invisible braces.  They’re easily removable, requiring no more effort than you would put into taking off a pair of socks, and can be easily removed for brushing and flossing as well as for times when you need to eat, ensuring your Invisalign aligners will remain free of food debris.

3.  Discretion

This is the big thing for a lot of people.  No one likes to have attention drawn to a physical feature they’re unsatisfied with, and standard metal braces do just that while fixing the aforementioned unsatisfactory element to the smile.  So, for people who are less than happy with the state of their smile as it currently exists, Invisalign is a great choice.  Invisalign aligners are invisible, meaning unseen to the naked eye, so they don’t draw attention to the mouth in any way.

So, if you’re looking for a way to improve your smile, consider Invisalign braces.  Ask your local trustworthy family dentist today, and see if Invisalign might be the right treatment plan for your particular malocclusion!


Make Your Trade Show Booth Pop

They say that business is business, whatever that means. In most cases it has something to do with doing whatever it takes to be successful; don’t take it personal. Competition in the business world is not always friendly and the best way to compete is to have the strongest brand loyalty in the business. That way, your consumers and people who love your company and its products/services will fight your battles for you. You’ve heard people have passionate arguments about what smart phone platform is the best out of the two major ones in the cellular ecosystem. One side believes that their phone is the best and the other believes the same but if you are even in that kind of argument, then you have already won. Creating a buzz is not easy but in order to get people to start talking about your company, you have to show them who your are and this can be done with a killer trade show booth.

The idea behind trade shows to bring together all of the industry players under one roof so everyone can efficiently do business with one another and show off what they have to offer. These are places where an extremely high concentration of people come together with similar interests so your efforts will not be wasted on the general public who in most cases, doesn’t have a need for whatever it is that you are selling or promoting. Trade shows are becoming more popular and the companies who design trade show exhibits are coming up with more creative ideas. There is competition in every business, even the businesses that you are looking  into to build your company an eye-catching exhibit that will make your booth the talk of the trade show. Without the talk, there can be no buzz and you will not have made the most out of your trade show experience.

It only makes sense to go all-in on a display that is going to get people to want to come by your booth and say hi. Once that happens you will be able to turn on the charm and provide them with all of the information they need. The best trade show displays do not require much of your charm though because they themselves provide all of the charm, intrigue and information that you never could. Trade show booths are no longer booths, they are more like life-size dioramas with people walking into and around them. Booths sound like a bunch of folding tables lined up next to one another where someone is standing in an area behind them where you are not allowed to go. That is not what you want. You want people to voluntarily decide to come out of the traffic of the trade show flow to stop at your booth so they can go inside

A lot of trade show exhibits are designed with comfortable seating so people can take a load off and feel comfortable. Sometimes they may be interested in what is going on inside of the booth and sometimes they couldn’t care less and they just want to rest their feet. Either way, if they decide to do that at your trade show display, you are winning. When someone comes out of the trade show storm to seek shelter in your booth, be courteous and offer them a beverage whether it be some bottled water that you brought for these occasions or a cup of hot coffee to help them get through the long and tiring day. Sometimes people come into these trade shows in the morning feeling a little under-the-weather from some extracurricular activities that they participated in the previous evening and being able to offer a fresh cup of hot coffee is exactly what you need in order to create an opportunity strike up a conversation with them.

Your company’s trade show display is like any other physical representation of your company in the sense that you want people to remember it. If logos and slogans didn’t serve a purpose then every company in the world would feel the need to have them. The psychology behind making an impression on a prospective buyer involve creating pneumonic devices that help people remember who you are and what you do. Without these memory assisted associations the advertising and marketing game would be a real mess to try to understand. The time that you spend representing your company at a trade show should be utilized in the most effective way, and starting with a great exhibit puts you directly on the right path.


The Best Professional Family Orthodonitsts

If you’re a parent, you probably know it’s coming. You can tell if you child’s mouth is full of crooked teeth, and you know it’s in their best interest to get them fixed early on. If your dentist tells you it’s time to get kids braces for early orthodontic treatment, don’t fear, it’s best to address the issue and get it taken care of as soon as possible. It’s more than just a cosmetic issue here, crowded and misaligned teeth can make it hard for dentists to properly clean teeth. Hopefully your dentist will make a recommendation when they suggest you take your child to the orthodontist.

A dentist and orthodontist working as a team can be great for your child’s needs, and this is what often what ends up happening when you follow the dentist’s referral. Remember to still check things out for yourself first, and don’t rush into any decisions. Check online to see some reviews of your local orthodontists. Remember you want to find someone who specializes in braces for children, not everybody has the skill to work easily with kids. Remember to ask your friends and family what they think as well. They may already have kids in treatment and be able to give great advice.

You’re also going to want an orthodontist who offers multiple treatment methods. You may find that your child can be better served by alternative needs, or you might possible be interested in hidden braces for teens to keep your almost-grownup happy. There are many reasons to ensure your orthodontist offers a few different methods for your needs. If you are only familiar with traditional treatments like braces, retainers, and headgear, you’re not alone. It the past different methods for treatment were not seen very often. That is no longer the case however, as technology has caught up with orthodontistry. Let’s have a look at some of your other options.

discreet teen braces1. Gold-Plated or Titanium Braces

As a parent you’re probably always thinking about allergies. What you may not realize, is that some kids are actually allergic to braces. They’re actually allergic in the nickel used the make the steel, but the point remains the same. If your child is one of the unfortunate, don’t fret, there are alternatives. One that doesn’t cost all that much is gold-plated braces. While still made of steel, the gold-plating keeps the metal from coming into contact with the patient’s skin. A little more expensive, but lighter and strong than steel, are titanium braces. They are also good for those who have allergies.

2. Clear Braces

Your child or teen may not want to draw attention to their prices. That’s a perfectly normal desire. Clear braces are just as effective as traditional braces, in fact they are exactly the same except for the material they are made of. They still work with brackets and wires and are quite effective. They are just made of a ceramic or plastic material that is matched to the color of your child’s teeth. They are hard for others to spot, and are a fairly popular option. You’ll want to ask during consultations if an orthodontist offers this kind of treatment.

3. Hidden Braces

If clear braces aren’t quite discreet enough there is another option. Only the most skilled orthodontists can offer these braces, as they are more complicated to install. They still work the same way as traditional braces however, and tend to be very effective. They are typically more expensive than regular braces, but sometimes the discretion is worth. Nobody will be able to even tell that your child is wearing braces unless he tells them.

4.  Invisalign

Invisalign are invisible braces that can be perfect for adults and kids alike. You definitely want to be sure the orthodontist you choose is familiar with this great product. If your child uses Invisalign for treatment, things may end up being a bit easier than they’d be other wise. They are rather simply designed. First a mold is taken of your child’s mouth, this is then scanned so that the Invisalign software can design an aligner. Using a 3D printer, a clear plastic device will be printed. It will be worn full-time, except when eating or brushing the teeth. It makes treatment very simple, and has proven to be effective. They won’t work in the most severe cases, but Invisalign is definitely worth looking into.

When you find out your child needs to see an orthodontist, the amount of choices can be overwhelming. Just take your time and follow the advice of those you trust. With a little investigation you’ll find the perfect person for your family.

Things To Look for in a Social Media Firm

The landscape of the business world has been forever altered over the last couple of decades. Perhaps one of the greatest modern inventions, the internet has drastically changed the way we do business. It’s also changed the way we market and reach our clients and customers. Whether you’re starting a new business, or trying to establish your existing company in the marketplace, it’s important to focus on this new way of doing things. Things like public relations have taken on a whole new scope. It’s well beyond time to start thinking about social media marketing. The impact it can have on you and your company is vast and wide-reaching. The top companies today generally an expert social media firm to guide them on this path. Once you decide it is a necessary task, you might be overwhelmed by the amount of companies out there offering services. Not to fret, I’ve compiled a list of things to look for in the social media firm you hire, check it out:


When it comes to your social media presence, fluidity and freshness is key. You want a social media firm that you know can stay on top of content. They’ll have to be thorough in their research, pinpointing your target audience directly. The firm will then make use of copywriters or other specialists to produce content that your relevant audiences will want to see. Creating content to have filler for your various social media pages is not what you’re after. It’d be easy enough to do that mindless task yourself. It’s need to be pointed, direct, and engaging to those who are viewing it. Try to look at some examples of a company’s work before you hire them. Have them explain their plan for creating exciting and fresh content for your company.


Top social media management companies will be ready with a plan to move your company forward into new markets, and to introduce new products to your current and future markets. Moving into uncharted territory can be a difficult and frightening experience. You want someone on your side who is experienced in evaluating markets and finding your target audience. They can then market you or your products entry into the market appropriately.

When you are discussing a marketing strategy with potential firms, be sure to inquire about how they plan to shape your future. You want them to be ready to showcase and create about new products that you are bringing to the market. They should also be ready to showcase your company and generate that some buzz when you’re moving into a new city, state, or country.


It’s important that you and your company have a good relationship with those in your target audience. A social media firm should be able to provide excellent public relations, through both traditional and more recently relevant methods. Print media and television is far from dead, and having a feature in a prominent newspaper or on a local tv station can be a huge help for business. Earned media can be much more valuable than typical advertising. Not only does it alert people to your business, but it paints your company in a positive light. Make sure the company you hire has a strong background in PR and will be effectively able to manage your image.


social media marketing companiesIn the previous paragraph, I mentioned that PR is more important that advertising. I do believe this is true, but it doesn’t mean traditional advertising is ineffective. It’s still a beneficial investment, millions of people still watch television commercials, and plenty of people will see and be interested in relevant print ads. You want a company that knows where to place outdoor ads, and has the capability of creating creative TV and radio spots. You can still have a big impact on your company without having a cheesy slogan or running annoying ads. It is imperative that your social media marketing company researches and knows the best places to purchase media for your business, whether it be physical or over the airwaves.  Make sure the firm you go with is smart about their advertising.


It is extremely important to keep your company’s relationship with prominent bloggers and media members are positive. A well-known blogger can literally make or break you as a company, and it’s something you should definitely be taking into consideration. The same goes for members of the media, if you get on their bad side, it can be disastrous for you. If you hire a great social media marketing firm you won’t have to worry about this though, as they’ll foster great relationships with both of these groups.

These are just a few of the most important things to look for in your social media firm. Keep them in mind as your meeting with and interviewing potential candidates.

Building the Best Indoor Grow Room

If you live in Colorado, you probably see the incredibly high demand for legal cannabis. It may even have you interested in opening up a store for yourself. This can be a great business move, but it can also be extremely risky. Not many people realize all the hard work it takes to be successful, and that’s after you get all the necessary licenses and permits. One of the keys to success is designing, building, and maintaining an efficient, top of the line grow room. Grow rooms are not the easiest thing to design and build, and it’s even harder to grow a connoisseur level crop. A stroll or drive down a city street in Denver should show you how competitive the market is, and it should be painfully obvious that you’ll need a quality product to have any chance. If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, you should desire to put out a great product for other reasons than money. You want to be able to take pride in the buds that come out of your grow room.

If you don’t know how to do it yourself, you can still have an effective grow room built. Since legalization, many businesses related to cannabis have come about. Some of these include construction companies that will build your cannabis grow room for you. Since it’s legal now, they won’t be afraid to do business with you. One business that offers grow room building services interests me in particular. This is because they offer modular grow rooms, which I think have serious advantages to converting a traditional room into a grow room. Let’s look at some of those advantages now.

One thing I find particularly handy about modular grow rooms is that you can easily add to them when necessary. If you find success in the industry, you might find that customer demand is hard to keep up with. If your grow is housed in a typical room it can be a huge inconvenience to either renovate the space or move. When you have a modular grow the process is simple and cost much less money. It also won’t take as long.

custom marijuana grow roomAnother feature I love about these cannabis grow rooms is that they’re guaranteed to be light-proof and air-tight. Regulating the climate in your room, the temperature and CO2 concentrations, can be a big pain. When the room is air-tight you’ll see things are much easier to regulate. You’ll find you get better results when you’re able to keep things stable. Another thing you’ll quickly learn is that light leaks and flashes can be detrimental to your crop. Your grow room definitely needs to be able to keep all light out.

A final things I enjoy about the modular grow rooms is the fact that they make it very easy to hang lights and fans. The company in question actually installs the rooms with track systems in place. Lights install easily and securely to the track, and it allows for easy movement around the grow. This will be a huge convenience you’re glad you have when you see how it works. Modular rooms aren’t your only option, but they are one of the best in my opinion. They’re easy to keep clean and organized and clearly provide many other benefits.

Whether you go with a company that provides modular units or not, you’ll want to make sure they’re experienced in building indoor marijuana grow rooms. This is a substance that just a few years ago was illegal, so you know that it’s being tightly regulated. That means you’re going to have plenty of site inspections at your grow and your store. If you hire an experienced company they’ll make sure your room is up to building codes and follows cannabis industry guidelines. You don’t want to be close to opening only to have to delay things because a part of your grow room doesn’t fall in line with guidelines. It’s a setback that will cost you time and money. Find a company experienced in building rooms that pass every inspection.

There’s a lot to consider when you’re getting into the marijuana business. Every aspect is important, but your grow is something that you have to focus all of your energy on. Without your grow you have no product and thus no store. Make it a point to deliver a top quality product to your customers and you will quickly find yourself on the path to success. It’s a great time to be living in a state like Colorado or Washington, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t take full advantage of it.


What Are ‘Assurance Services’?

Investing your money is both a risky endeavor and also the best way to see quick returns on the money you invest.  That money is hard-earned, and it’s completely understandable that you’d be unsure about investing it in various complicated funds that you barely understand, or in stocks and other assets that don’t exist in the physical world, only in the financial.  That money was saved up, likely dollar by dollar, over the course of months or years, and depending on the fund or investment in question, it may have taken even longer, because the minimum buy-in for certain investments is in the tens of thousands and up.  That’s a lot of money to put into something, and there’s got to be a lot of trust in order for that to happen.

CPA auditing servicesThere are various ways that people get into certain investments and funds.  Some people prefer to watch the morning news stations and listen to what they have to say and advise as far as investments, and in some cases this can be fantastic advice.  As with any advice on a market that is so varied and relies on so many complex working parts, any of it can go well or awry, and at the end of the day it mostly boils down to being little better than an educated guess that anyone could make.

Then, of course, there’s the recommendation of friends.  This is, when it comes to nearly anything and everything, my least favorite method of making an investment or any other financial decision, for an obvious reason.  If things go well, and you take their advice and make  a boatload of money, it’s something that your friend can hold over your head for the remainder of your lives, as well as introducing into the friendship an idea that you somehow ‘owe’ them for their advice panning out in the positive.  On the other hand, if the investment tanks and you lose all the money that you put into whatever investment is in question, it introduces anger and a little bit of resentment into the relationship, neither of which are healthy, and this is the kind of anger that festers over the long run, in general, until it ruins friendships or erupts in a volcano of anger (and, in some cases, violence).

Another way you can find investments that you trust, on the other hand, is through assurance services offered by a CPA firm. These are various services offered by a Certified Public Accountant in order to determine the actual validity, stability, and state of an investment offer, and it basically involves the CPA firm being hired by the business in question in order to take an independent look at the investments or funds in question so that they can present this information to prospective investors.

Now, at this point, some people are asking ‘how can we trust that the CPA firm and the Certified Public Accountant or Accountants that they send out are on the level and not being dishonest about the value and stability, and general trustworthiness of the investment.   The reality is that the big reason that most CPA firms don’t ever dare do anything dishonest like that, besides the fact that such a thing would ruin their reputation and basically put them out of business, is because they’re held legally accountable if they purposely lie for the people employing them, if they fudge the numbers that they receive or the formulas that they apply in order to ascertain the state of the investment.

So, how do they actually offer this assurance to the consumer of these investments and funds?  Well, there are a variety of ways it’s done.  In some cases, they just do an audit of the fund, looking at the actual value of the investments and ensuring things like that the money is being invested where they say it is, and that it’s being invested in a timely fashion, not sitting in someone’s bank account waiting for a few months before being put into the world.  They can also do things like customer satisfaction surveys, asking people involved in the fund or investing how they feel they’re being treated, if they’re seeing good return, and the like.  If the news is positive, the CPA firm offers assurance to the consumer, and writes one of various reports for the investment group that they can send to their consumers and to their prospective investors.

In other words, if you can’t find assurance from a CPA firm concerning your upcoming investment, I’d think twice about putting my money in there.

Get the Most Out of Your Grow Room

marijuana growing roomThe cannabis industry is a difficult one to be successful in. You may think that you’ve got a better shot because it’s still new, but many people have the same idea. Grow rooms are popping up all over cities like Seattle and Denver. This has led to incredibly stiff competition. It means if you want to stand out and be successful in the industry, you’ll have to go above and beyond the efforts of your peers. As you’d expect, you’ll have to deal with a lot of applications, fees, and inspections to get started. Once you’re through all the that, the fun really begins.

In the cannabis industry you are your own supplier. The makes your grow room design and management extremely important to the success of your business. The fact that you get to produce your own product should be exciting, it’s the reason so many people are interested in the industry in the first place. If you aren’t already an expert on designing and building grow rooms, don’t fret, there is are still ways for you to make it in this business. Start by doing the appropriate research and developing a solid plan. Focus on having an industry leading grow room and operation, and you may be able to make a name for yourself.

Check out a few ways the best in the industry get the most from their operations.


Build a Modular Grow Room

For a variety of reasons many people are converting over to modular grow rooms. These rooms are designed and fabricated specifically for growing cannabis. They’re mobile, so they’re easy to break down and move when the need arrises. In addition, they are very simple to expand when the time comes. If you’re doing things correctly, you may find the need to expand comes sooner than you expected. Having grow rooms that are easily made larger without large expense can be a huge advantage. These are a couple of advantages modular rooms have, you should really look into them if you’re getting into the business.

Talk to Experts

You’re not going to be able to do everything on your own. The first expert you need to talk to is a grower, especially if your experience is limited. As we’ve already established, competition in this industry is fierce. You need to have a memorable product or you’re not going to fare well. Bring in a master grower to guide you and make sure that you’re a success. Another expert you should be talking with a is a builder. You want someone who knows how to build out a grow room that’s up to code and runs efficiently. If you aren’t good with construction, you’ll struggle getting things set up.

Clean Every Day

A dirty grow room is something you definitely need to avoid. They’ll often lead to bigger problems like infestation, mildew, and mold. All of these things can ruin an entire crop and cost you a ton of money. Instead of dealing with them as they come up, take the necessary steps to prevent them from occurring. Make cleaning a daily task for every member of your staff, including yourself.


Keep everything in its place, and put labels on every item and plant in the grow room. You can’t be mixing up nutrients and chemicals, since different strains require different combinations. Organization can easily get out of hand and overwhelming if you don’t keep up with it everyday. Make sure you have a plan in place and that all of your team members understand it and are on board. Don’t let organization cripple your business.

Pick a Good Spot

Don’t put your grow operation too far from your main store, or you’ll incur a lot of unwanted expenses. Gas prices add up, and the further between your locations the more you’ll pay. Scout out a good location that’s not too far and not over budget. You’ll also want to think about safety. If your grow is on the outskirts of town, or in a bad area, you’ll face a higher risk of theft. Finding a place in a safe neighborhood that costs a little more may be well worth it.

Make Sure It’s Light-Proof

Light is one of the keys to any successful marijuana grow. It’s the reason we invest so much in our lighting. On the same token, dark cycles are also important. During flowering, important features of the plant are development during the standard 12 hours of darkness. If they’re interrupted with light, your crop will suffer. The solution is easy however, just ensure that you build a light-tight room that won’t let any stray light hit your plants. At the same time, you want to make sure it’s air-tight as well. Temperature control is very important and it can be hard to maintain the correct range in a leaky or drafty room. Make sure your marijuana grow rooms are light and air-tight.

When it comes to your grow take this advice into consider. Don’t stop your research here though, you have a lot to learn if you want to be successful.

Creating a Creative Responsive Website

If you’re focused on having a creative responsive website, looking over the following guide to see what you can do to achieve that goal. I’ve compiled a list of 7 characteristics of successful web sites.

1.   Security

In my opinion, security is the backbone to any great website. If your customers and clients don’t feel safe navigating, they aren’t going to stay. People are especially vigilant these days about making sure their personal information is safe. Everyone has heard the horror stories of dealing with a stolen identity. It’s a disaster that can take years to recover from. Establishing a safe place for your users to browse is one of the tenants of building long-lasting and trusting relationships.

2.   Intuitive Navigation

The backbone of any website design is it’s navigation system. You want to remember intuitive steps like linking all of the logos on your various pages to the homepage. People should feel at ease the first time they show up at your site. This encourages potential customers to stick around and explore your website in greater detail. Of course if you operating an online marketplace this increases the chances of them spending money on your products. Make sure you navigation is clear, simple, and to the point. This will go a long way in bringing, and keeping, visitors.

3.   Relevant and Updated Content

If you want people to keep coming back to your website, you need to give them a reason. If they come back day after day and find the same information that is never changed and updated, they will grow bored quickly. It’s important to have a solid plan when it comes to content. How are you going to make sure there is something fresh and engaging on your website everyday? You might want to consider writing a blog, or updating specials and deals every day. This is something that you have to focus on everyday, but if you spend at least a few minutes, it will be extremely beneficial in the long run.

4.   They Make Use of Professional Photographers

It’s fairly common to come across a website that uses stock imagery in abundance. It’s so common in fact, that you will see many different webpages using the same images. It almost seems like there’s a vault of only fifty different stock images that people can use. Therein lies the problem with stock photographs. People see them and recognize them from other sources, it gives your website a sort of cheap feel. If you want a website that stands out above your competitors, hire a professional photographer to get some shots that fit in with the theme you’re after. High quality images can work wonders for your site’s traffic.

5.   They Are Modern and Don’t Use Outdated Ideas

It’s hard to believe, but there are still websites out there that make heavy use of Flash. These are the slow loading animations and flashing banners that you see from time to time. This is an outdated tool that is going to make your website look like it was designed in 1999. Creative responsive web designs avoid these types of things, and employ a few other ideas to make sure they are modern and up to date. First of all, they be viewable for all different types of devices and settings. Next, good websites will make use of a simple and straightforward design. It should be easy for users to see where they are going when they land on your website.

6.    All Links Work!

It’s all too common for me to be browsing a website, click a link, and find myself on a blank page, or even worse, an error page. You want to make sure that this does not happen with your website. Thoroughly investigate each and every link on your website, and make sure they work. Aside from making sure they work, ensure that all links lead to somewhere of value. This is just another tool that can help increase your search engine ranking.

7.   Testing

The final characteristic of successful websites is also one of the most important. One thing that you notice about all the best sites is that they consistently work well. That’s because they are tested, thoroughly and frequently. Not only should you be testing for links, but you want to see how all the other aspects of your site works as well. Make sure all of your features are operating the way they should. One of my favorite features on sites is the never-ending scroll, but I’ve been to a few sites that never have them functioning the way they should. It doesn’t do you a whole lot of good to have a great feature that can’t be used.


When you’re building your next website, remember these seven hallmarks of great sites!

Teeth Whitening and Its Benefits

We all want our teeth to look better.  It’s something that we’ve  struggled with, as a species, since first we figured out the idea of having indoor plumbing.  We’ve since figured out a way to do a lot of things for teeth.  We’ve figured out braces, a series of brackets and wires, held in place with dental adhesives, which are capable of slowly realigning the teeth to a more optimal alignment pattern.  We’ve figured out veneers, a technology used in order to hide the damage we’ve done to our teeth through living a natural life and using them, sometimes in ways that are more foolish than we would like to admit.  We’ve even figured out a somewhat terrifying, though effective, method of replacing teeth that we’ve lost one way or another, in order that we might be able to restore our smile to its original configuration no matter what happens.

dental whitening for cosmetic smile restorationWe can also hide the staining that you do to your own teeth, over the course of exposing them to all sorts of things.  Let’s face it, many of us drink and consume things and don’t brush and floss as often as we really should be.  Some of us smoke regularly, introducing the yellowing effect of tar and nicotine to our teeth regularly, which can color it.  Some people, in fact, smoke as many as three packs of cigarettes a day. Reality is that nearly everything you consume is going to color your teeth.  Do you drink wine?  It slowly stains your teeth red or pink, the more wine you consume.  If you regularly consume sports drinks or sodas with caramel colorings, don’t worry, you’re staining your teeth as well.  Do you eat a lot of blueberries?  Don’t worry, though, if you’re one of those natural types who love to drink a lot of tea, you’re also staining your teeth slowly. All of this coffee, all of these cigarettes, all of the things we consume, they’re all slowly coloring our teeth.

The solution, therefore, is to find a teeth whitening dentist to help you get your teeth back to their optimal whiteness and show the world that superstar smile.  Your local professional tooth whitening dentist should be well equipped to help you clear up the damage that you’ve done over the years to your own teeth and make it look like you never had a smoke, a drink of coffee, or anything else that could color your teeth a day in your life.

In order to do this, there’s a couple of routes you can take.  The most effective way to go would be for you to go to your local dentist’s office, but you can also do the home cleaning route, it’s up to you and entirely dependent on how much time, money, and effort you’re looking to put into this whole endeavor.

Bleaching in your dentist’s office basically is a two-step process.  First they put down some substance on your gums, in order to prevent them from the bleaching agent, which is basically hydrogen peroxide or a chemical compound that will create hydrogen peroxide on your mouth.  Then they apply one of various compounds to the teeth, and it slowly bleaches out the color.  You wash out the compound, and go about your way until it’s time for you to get another whitening treatment.  Some offices use something referred to as ‘light-accelerated bleaching’, which basically involves the same process, but with the addition of various extremely high-powered light sources, in order to speed up the process from one that can be an hour plus to one that can be done in around fifteen minutes.

Some companies offer home versions of treatments, and the American Dental Association can help you to understand which ones are and aren’t on the level.  There’s also a slew of option being suggested by ‘naturalist’ types, using organic ingredients and whatnot, but I would be very apprehensive about using any of those, just because I’ve known such things to be less than effective, and that I also know many of them to be an immense waste of time and money.

Really, if you want your teeth whitened, I would recommend you find a professional dentist who does such things normally and ask them for their opinion on various treatment options you may be considering.  Even better, find a teeth whitening dentist, or practice, with someone on hand who specializes entirely in teeth whitening.  Ask them their opinion, and ask them which option they would recommend to you.



Why to Hire a Social Media Marketing Agency

There are many reasons to hire help when your business is starting out.  It frees up time for you to manage your company rather than having to worry about things that can be outsourced.  It can be far more cost-effective to you than trying to do certain tasks yourself.  Most importantly, it can help you turn a profit, achieve growth, and ensure that your business remains solvent.

A social media marketing agency is well equipped to help you grow in a variety of ways.  To begin with, they’ll have the abilities of a public relations firm, being able to help you get your message out across the old media channels.  Do you have the money on hand to afford to purchase ad space as well as paying to professionally craft a television commercial?  Then your agency will set up a television commercial for you.  Do you have the desire and capital to get your message out on the radio? Your public relations agency can make it happen.  Do you have a desire to take out ads in the old media, the newspapers and magazines and other local periodicals?  If it’ll help you add to your clientele and to widen your customer base, they’ll help you pick the magazines and help you craft the ad.

They can also help you with the actual content of the ad and making sure it matches the people you’re trying to reach.  They can also go an extra step forward and make sure that the ad or ads you’re crafting reach the people you want them to reach.  Nothing can be as aggravating as spending a lot of money crafting an advertisement and buying expensive ad space and then finding that you’ve just advertised your artisan Italian meats to a bunch of vegans who wouldn’t eat meat no matter what the circumstances. They can also help you to take your message into the newest frontier for advertising and marketing; social media networks.

Social media networks are quite literally exploding in popularity.  Millions of people use them daily.  Hundreds of millions of people access them at least once a month.  Almost a billion people access them for their various reasons.  Some access them to speak with family and friends, others access them to keep up to date with current trends, some access them just for entertainment, keeping up with the latest in movies and television.

Whatever they use the social media networks for, the point is that they’re there, by choice, and they’re defining themselves for advertisers voluntarily.  This makes it easy to target them; by nature, social media networks allow people to divide themselves by what they like, where they live, and how they live their lives.  You can be sure to advertise your new line of craft stout beers to people living locally who already have ‘subscribed’ to a group of similar beers.  You can be sure to advertise your new skateboard design to people who have already subscribed to social media pages concerned with skateboards.  Targeted marketing is the name of the game, and the better you play it, the further your advertising dollar goes, and the more return you’ll see from it.

Once people start filing into your page, then you begin to help put them to work bringing in more.  You run contests, promotions, and the like, encouraging them to share the contests with their friends, perhaps in exchange for more entries into the contest for whatever you’re giving away.  The more people they bring to you, the better you’re doing.

As you get more and more followers, you’ll need to be sure to get more and more business.  You can do this by offering enticements to the people on your social media networks to come into your shop or to purchase from you online; special discounts for subscribers, in the vein of all the ‘shopper’s reward cards’ that are so common today, are a good example of this.  The more people who come into your business, the more people who go onto your online sites, the more business you’re going to get.

This is how you can profit from the hiring of a social media marketing agency.  You’re likely to see great return, especially if you’re working with an agency that has a history of social media marketing service successes.  Through this kind of return, you can expand your social media presence, slowly growing your business, and slowly expanding from a small business into a titan, a name with clout, in your field.  Good luck!

Reasons to Pick Invisalign Orthodontists

It is estimated that, for one out of every three Americans, a trip to the orthodontist to receive some form of orthodontic treatment will be something they have to endure.  Whether they have to get something as simple as a retainer that they wear between meal times, or whether they need to have oral surgery to remove a tooth and alleviate oral crowding issues that this errant tooth was causing, thirty-three percent will end up in that orthodontist’s office.

braces for kidsBecause of this, it becomes important that you pick the orthodontist who offers the treatment you want or need.  Not every orthodontist, for example, will have the most up to date treatments at their disposal.  Some may not have the money to invest in technology or new training, some may just not be wanting to change the way they do things, some may just feel they’re too old to learn new ticks, but you’ll want to discuss your options with an orthodontist who has all the most modern techniques, tricks, tips, and technologies at their disposal.

A lot of orthodontic treatments are, in the scheme of medical sciences, relatively modern.  There was no headgear until about a hundred years ago (at least not in a form that you would recognize today).  There were no braces until about 50 years ago.  As far as sciences go, orthodontistry is relatively new to the party, so to speak.

The most common orthodontic treatment in use today is the standard metal brace, which hasn’t been around very long considering the massive market share that it has these days.  It wasn’t developed and implemented until the 70s, mainly because there was no dental adhesive that could be used to affix something to a tooth over the long-term that wouldn’t also cause health issues or risk failing.  However, once the dental adhesives currently in use today were developed, the future of braces was secured.

Braces, of course, are actually a fairly simple idea.  They consist of metal brackets, often made using stainless steel, which are affixed to the teeth with the aforementioned dental adhesive.  over the top of these braces is run a metal wire, which is hooked onto the braces that are on the extreme ends in order to create the tension that will straighten the teeth.  This metal wire is held in place with the use of rubber bands, as well as with the use of the aforementioned hooks.

This common treatment is still going through constant evolution, however.  Of late, there has been a push for change in materials; in place of stainless steel can now be found various gold alloys, titanium alloys, and even ceramics, which are better equipped to blend into the teeth on which the brackets are mounted.  Instead of running the metal wire over the top of the brackets, the brackets today are being designed to have the wire run in the center of them, helping to disguise it slightly as well as helping to ensure that it stays in place, especially without the hassle of the rubber bands.

Of course, even braces are no longer the most up-to-date treatment for the various malocclusions one can experience.  The new game in town is Invisalign braces for adults and teens.  These braces, unlike their predecessors, are almost entirely invisible; if you’re more than a foot or two away from someone’s mouth, there’s almost no chance that you’ll be able to perceive that the braces are being used.  They’re not affixed to the teeth with dental adhesive or metal and hooks, either, but are rather fitted to rest snugly on the teeth and be removed just as simply whenever the need arises, whether you’re removing them to eat or to brush your teeth and floss them before you go to bed.  Because of this, you aren’t likely to run into any of the issues that braces have concerning durability.  You’re also not likely to have any durability issues at all; unlike standard braces, Invisalign discreet braces are really a set of braces that are switched out every two weeks in order to slowly shift the teeth into a more optimal position.  Truly, for the time being, Invisalign discreet adult braces are the most modern treatment for any orthodontic misalignment you may have.

So, if you’re in the market for a method of treatment that will fix your teeth while still allowing you to be discreet about it, you should contact your local Invisalign orthodontist right away.  You’ll be glad you did.


The Power of Modern Orthodontics

Orthodontic appliances have come a long way since they were first conceived of in the time of great philosophers like Aristotle.  From a beginning where they were made of either gold or other malleable metals or an elastic-like material known as catgut (which is exactly what you would think it was from reading the name) to the present where they’re made from space-age metals and other materials, orthodontic treatments have continued to evolve.

Modern orthodontic treatments and appliances really began with headgear, which itself was a more useful version of a device called the bandeau, developed by a French doctor who put it into mouths to slowly expand the jaw line to alleviate the overcrowding of teeth.  Eventually, this would lead to what we recognize today as headgear, which manipulates the teeth and is held in place with a variety of straps around the back of the head, which also help provide the tension needed to slowly shift the teeth into a more optimal alignment.  Orthodontic headgear can be worn for various amounts of time, depending on the severity of the issues being treated; some people wear it only at night, and an unlikely few wear it all the time.

Orthodontic headgear eventually gave way to the treatment most common and most often thought of when someone says ‘orthodontics’; standard metal braces.  These didn’t come into existence until the 1970s, mainly because, although the idea was already being bandied around two decades before, there was no proper dental adhesive for the application they needed.  Dental adhesives before the 1970s were either unable to hold the adhesion needed for long periods of time, or were slightly toxic when left in over the long-term.  However, in the 1970s, a safe and reliable dental adhesive made braces possible.  Braces consist of brackets affixed to the teeth via dental adhesive.  These brackets can be made of a variety of materials, mostly metals like stainless steel (by far the most common today), gold alloys, various forms of hardy metals like titanium, and, most newly perfected, ceramics.  Over the top of these brackets, made of whichever material, is run a stainless steel wire, which is then affixed to the brackets via the use of rubber bands which are easily replaceable.  In some more modern brace designs, the metal wire is run through the center of the braces, and the rubber bands are really just for show and for giving people customization options.  One of the main drawbacks to braces, however, is that they can run into durability issues associated with corrosion caused by being in the mouth for such a long extended period of time. Even more inconvenient, they make brushing and flossing your teeth much more complicated, meaning there’s a greater likelihood that you will end up with the debris of meals stuck in your teeth or your braces, which can lead to corrosion both of the metal or ceramics in the braces but also of the enamel in your teeth.  Thankfully, the newest method of corrective orthodontic treatment has found a useful way to work around this issue.

The newest method of correcting misaligned teeth is through the use of custom-made invisible braces, commonly known by the brand name, ‘Invisalign’.  These braces are made of a clear plastic, instead of being made of metals or white ceramics.  Unlike standard metal braces, these braces are removable, meaning that they don’t have the same corrosion issues as their more common and more dated predecessors.  These braces are easily removable for meal times, as well as for brushing and flossing the teeth afterwards, meaning that you won’t be running into the same risks of corrosion.  They also won’t be in your mouth nearly as long, as Invisalign brand invisible braces are actually a set of aligners that will slowly, step by step, move your teeth into a more optimal shape and pattern.  These braces do sound too good to be true, but believe me, they are.  They’re even affordable, in the same price range as ceramic braces for most locations, and they’re equally as covered by most insurance plans.

So, if you’re needing help with your smile, you do have options.  We live in a brave new age of scientific progress where no longer do braces have to be an indiscreet source of derision or teasing; thanks to modern technologies, now you can have clear, invisible braces that are useful and are impossible to detect from even a few feet away.  If you’re in need of orthodontic help, go seek out your local professional orthodontist today.

Orthodontics Make Lives Better

No one wants to live their lives feeling insecure about anything, especially something as obvious as their teeth. The difference between some people and others is that some people take ownership of their insecurities and search for solutions so that they can get over them, when others decide that they cannot do anything about it and they just live their lives feeling shameful about them. Life is unfair and it can be cruel, but we all live during a time where there are more ways to find solutions to our problems than ever before. So, in almost every case when you want something bad enough and you are willing to make sacrifices to get it, just about anything is possible. Orthodontics is there to help anyone with their problems as they pertain to the way they feel about their smiles, because not everyone was fortunate enough to have gotten the orthodontic care they needed when they were kids.

Early adolescence is the best time for most people to get the orthodontic care they need because by this time, it is clear what direction their teeth are heading and what needs to be done to make sure that they are encouraged to come into alignment. The way that one’s teeth form can have a significant ripple effect in a lot of different ways on someone’s life, starting with the way that their jaw comes together. Teeth are obviously hard and when the upper and lower ones come together in a misaligned fashion they can keep one’s jaw from comfortably being able to close the way that it naturally would otherwise. This can put pressure on one’s jaw and cause tension headaches later in their lives and even contribute to the uneven wear of their teeth. These issues can be quite inconvenient and cause someone a great deal of pain and discomfort in their lives if the matter is not taken into capable hands and dealt with properly.

Stainless steel braces are the most affordable and effective way to deal with just about any teeth or jaw alignment issue that one could have. Extreme cases require a maxillofacial surgeon in order to perform procedures on people who have an over or undergrown upper or lower jaw. It is rare but sometimes someone’s jaw has to be intentionally broken and have sections removed from it in order to get the upper and lower jaw to come together properly. These are the kind of issues that Invisalign is not capable of dealing with because smile correction is completely different from jaw alignment. Invisalign though, is a great way for teenagers and adults to straighten their teeth and avoid using braces to do it if their orthodontist believes that they are a good candidate for it.

For those who want a smile that they can be confident about but are told by their orthodontist that Invisalign is not the answer for them, they may want to consider alternative options available for braces. The brackets that are attached to a patient’s teeth with dental adhesive can be made out of ceramic or transparent plastic instead of stainless steel. Both clear plastic and ceramic braces blend in better to one’s teeth than metal does. When aesthetics are not the only concern because the alignment of one’s jaw is an important factor in an orthodontic treatment plan, many adults choose to have their braces applied using plastic or ceramic in an effort to make them less conspicuous. Orthodontists are medical doctors and their goal is to always do what is in the best interest of their patient. Yes, they deal in the  art of aesthetics but their main focus is the health of their patients.

One’s health can be referred to in more than several different ways and an orthodontist has to take them all into consideration. One’s physical health is obviously their foremost concern but the state of their patient’s emotional and mental health is a big part of what they are dealing with as well. People who are insecure about their smiles can live their lives in a way that is quite depressing because they do not feel comfortable laughing and smiling. Orthodontists help create confident smiles so people can live their lives to the fullest and be able to present themselves as though they are comfortable in their own skin in their personal and professional lives. Carrying oneself with confidence is important for anyone who has goals that they want to accomplish in this life and being happy about their smile is a crucial factor.